Concrete Driveway Replacement in Thornton

If your concrete driveway has fallen into a state of disrepair, the professionals at CC Concrete LLC are here to assist you. Property owners throughout Thornton know us as the concrete contractors who specialize in swift, affordable, and fully effective concrete driveway replacement services.

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Is it Time to Re-Concrete Your Driveway?

Driveways endure a lot of daily wear and tear. Over time, cracks, discoloration, and uneven surfaces can signal it's time to upgrade. A deteriorating driveway doesn't just affect your property's aesthetic appeal—it can also compromise safety and decrease the value of your home.

When you're dealing with recurrent repair issues or noticing significant damage, it's likely time to consider re-concreting your driveway. Our team's expertise and commitment to quality make us the ideal choice to rejuvenate your driveway when you want to make sure it remains functional, safe, and visually appealing for years to come. Reach out to our concrete specialists today.

Do You Want to Replace an Asphalt Driveway With Concrete?

Choosing to replace an asphalt driveway with concrete brings numerous benefits that extend beyond aesthetics. Concrete driveways promise superior durability, lower long-term maintenance, and increased property value. Concrete offers enhanced resistance to wear and tear, weather-related damage, and heavy load impacts, providing a robust, long-lasting surface.

When considering this transition, homeowners in our region unequivocally turn to our concrete installers for unparalleled expertise and reliability. Our team’s unwavering commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer-centric approaches fortify our reputation, establishing us as the first choice for discerning homeowners seeking to enhance their property’s practicality and curb appeal.

Replace Driveway Expansion Joints

What are driveway expansion joints, and why should they be replaced? We’re glad you asked! Driveway expansion joints are intentional gaps implemented during concrete driveway installation, designed to absorb the thermal expansion and contraction of concrete slabs, safeguarding against unsightly and damaging cracking.

These vital components manage stress caused by ground movement and heavy loads, ensuring your driveway remains structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing over time. However, the wear and tear of environmental exposure, shifting substrate, and traffic load can cause these joints to deteriorate or fail, necessitating their replacement.

Engaging in timely replacement of driveway expansion joints protects the integrity and longevity of your driveway, mitigating risks of escalated damage and subsequent extensive repairs.

We Use Top-Quality Concrete Driveway Materials

For us, using top-quality concrete driveway materials in every installation, replacement, resurfacing, and repair job is non-negotiable. This unwavering commitment to premium materials underscores our dedication to delivering durable, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting driveways.

High-quality concrete not only assures a smooth, resilient surface but also significantly enhances the lifespan and performance of the driveway, resisting wear and tear and weather damages effectively. By choosing top-tier materials, we ensure that every project withstands the test of time, offering unparalleled stability and durability while preserving your driveway’s appearance and structural integrity.

Why Driveway Replacements Are Essential

While made from one of the most durable and robust building materials available, concrete driveways can face various issues over time that lead to the need for replacement. Common problems include:

  • Cracking due to freeze-thaw cycles
  • Settlement or sinking caused by unstable soil
  • Extensive spalling from salt and chemical exposure
  • Significant surface damage from heavy vehicles or tree roots

At our company, we have the expertise and experience to address these problems effectively during the concrete driveway replacement process. Whatever type of damage your driveway may have suffered, we have the knowledge and equipment to swiftly restore it to its former condition.

Thornton's Best Driveway Replacement Contractors

What distinguishes our concrete company from the rest? As committed as we are to construction and concrete work, we know our job doesn't begin and end with new installations. Many of our clients require a team that can pair their knowledge of pouring and finishing concrete with start-to-finish replacement work, and that's exactly what we provide.

Look to us when you want:

  • Quick turnarounds on work
  • Up-front estimates on all services
  • Start-to-finish professionalism
  • Competitive pricing on concrete work
  • A full suite of additional concrete services
  • ...and much more

How We Replace Your Concrete Driveway

First, we conduct a thorough inspection to identify the root cause of the issue, allowing us to design a comprehensive solution that targets your problem at its source. For cracking, we use high-quality concrete mixes and reinforcement techniques to prevent future cracks and ensure durability.

To address sinking or settlement, we stabilize the soil through methods like compaction or installing proper drainage systems. For spalling, we apply special coatings and sealants to protect the new driveway from environmental elements.

Approved Driveway Repair Techniques

Our skilled team uses advanced techniques and machinery for surface repair, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish. With our commitment to quality workmanship and attention to detail, you can trust us to deliver a concrete driveway that not only looks exceptional but also stands the test of time, providing you with a durable and attractive driveway for years to come.

Save Big on Driveway Replacement Services

Our concrete driveway replacement services are designed to save you money in both the immediate and the long term. Opting for a replacement rather than constant repairs and patchwork can lead to significant cost savings, as repetitive repairs add up over time and become a constant drain on your finances.

Investing in a new concrete driveway avoids the recurrent expenses of temporary fixes and ensures a solid, long-lasting solution. With our cost-effective and durable solutions, you can be confident that your investment will pay off in terms of longevity and reduced maintenance expenses.

By choosing our concrete driveway replacement services, you enjoy immediate savings and secure a sound and cost-efficient solution for years to come.

Concrete Contractors Specializing in Driveway Replacement

Concrete is a popular option for installing driveways in Thornton. It’s a preferred material due to its aesthetic appeal and low maintenance concerns. But just like any other material, concrete can break, crack, or fall apart over time.

CC Concrete LLC is a leading provider of concrete driveway replacement in Thornton. Our professional concrete contractors offer comprehensive services to restore your driveway’s condition and functionality. Whether the damage on your concrete driveway is surface level or extends deeper into the structural base, we can resolve the issue for you. Boasting years of experience in concrete repairs, installation, and replacement, our specialists have got you covered. We can restore your concrete driveway’s condition to its original state, no matter how damaged or eroded it’s become over time.

If your concrete driveway in Thornton is no longer providing you with a safe entryway and exit to your property, contact us at (720) 296-1382 to book a consultation with our specialists.

Why Concrete is the Right Choice to Rebuild Driveways

When you want your driveway to look spectacular, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the best. That’s why concrete driveways are such a popular choice among homeowners. Whether you want to replace a concrete driveway showing signs of age or upgrade a driveway made from weaker materials, you won’t regret investing in our services.

Are you considering a concrete driveway for your home? You probably have some questions.

Here are some of the clear advantages of the concrete work we provide:

Concrete Driveways Are Durable

Concrete driveways can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. Many homeowners never have to replace their concrete driveway for as long as they live in their homes. Concrete is a very strong material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It’s also resistant to weathering so that it won’t crack or chip in freezing temperatures.

Low-Maintenance Driveways

Concrete driveways require very little maintenance compared to other types of driveways. You should sweep them regularly to remove any debris or dirt, and you may need to hose them down occasionally to remove any build-up of dirt or grime. Other than that, all you need to do is enjoy your beautiful, long-lasting concrete driveway.

Save Money in the Long Run With Concrete Driveway Products

Compared to other types of driveways, repouring concrete driveways may initially cost more. However, in the long run, it proves to be more cost-effective as concrete requires minimal maintenance and has a longer lifespan than other types of driveways. Investing in a concrete driveway is a wise decision for long-term benefits.

How Our Driveway Replacement Contractors Handle the Job

When your driveway is old, cracked, and dangerous, it may be time to replace it. Replacing an old driveway with concrete is a great way to improve your home’s look while increasing its value. The process of replacing an old driveway with concrete is relatively simple and can be done in a few days.

First, we’ll need to remove the old driveway. We typically do this with a jackhammer or heavy-duty machinery. Once the old driveway is removed, we’ll grade the area where the new driveway will be installed. Doing this ensures the new driveway is level and equipped with proper drainage.

Next, we’ll install a base layer of gravel. This provides a stable foundation for pouring concrete on top of. After the gravel is in place, we can begin pouring the concrete. To ensure a smooth and crack-free driveway, it is crucial to have the concrete poured evenly.

This can be achieved by hiring the services of experienced driveway replacement companies. Around here, we’re the trusted concrete pouring experts you’ll want for driveway installations and replacements of all shapes and sizes.

Once the concrete has been poured, you’ll need to wait for it to cure before using it. This usually takes 24-48 hours. Our technicians will advise you on curing times specific to your project. Once your new driveway is set, you can enjoy this new surface for many years to come.

Why Do You Need Concrete Replacement for Your Driveway?

Uneven concrete driveways and cracks in the surface can pose a safety hazard to users. They can significantly reduce your property's value and cause wear and tear on the vehicles parked or driven over them. Concrete replacement is usually recommended for your driveway if a large section has been affected. If your driveway has received multiple cracks over time or has sustained potholes, it may be best to get a replacement.

Getting your concrete replaced will reduce your related expenses over time, especially if there’s a considerable portion to fix. Replacement also helps minimize future issues for your driveway. Some of the circumstances that would call for a concrete replacement include the following:

The Damaged Area Is Too Large

If the impacted area is expansive or the damage sustained is too deep to be repaired, replacement may be a wise choice. Our professional team can assess the damage during your consultation and give you the best solution for your individual case. A replacement will fix the affected area and restore a smooth surface to your driveway.

Deep and Wide Cracks

If deep and wide cracks are settled into the driveway, this poses a more significant issue and means your driveway should be replaced. Such cracks can be dangerous as they permit water and other substances to trickle down slowly into the cement foundation.

CC Concrete LLC’s team has dealt with this situation previously. We can provide you with an expert replacement resolution to fix the issue. Our concrete replacement will fill the cracks no matter how deep or wide. Our service will ensure there are no gaps in your driveway for water or any foreign substance to seep through into your foundation.


If the concrete surface of your driveway has sunk more than eight inches, a replacement may be in order. Sinking will cause unevenness in the surface, making your driveway unusable and even dangerous. Factors that may give rise to sinking include frost damage and a subgrade that wasn’t leveled when the concrete settled.

Let our knowledgeable crew handle your driveway. We’ll expertly measure the driveway to understand the necessary height for a seamless surface. We can increase the height of your driveway in a uniform and homogenous manner.


Another scenario that may call for a replacement is aging. If your concrete driveway is considerably old, it may be affected by constant wear and tear over time. The older the material, the more susceptible it is to damage caused by cracks and sinking.

Our competent crew is adept at fixing aged concrete. We analyze the condition of your driveway to identify the pitfalls. Once we’ve narrowed down the problem spots, we prepare the area for replacement. We’ll go over your entire driveway with our concrete replacement, focusing on covering the problem spots completely and integrating the concrete with existing sidewalks, curbs, and other structures.

At CC Concrete LLC, we believe that your concrete replacement should benefit you for years to come. Our service will add to your driveway’s longevity and beautify your property.

Versatile Designs for Your Concrete Driveway Replacement

Replacing your concrete driveway doesn’t just have to restore it to how it was before. This necessary task can be an exciting opportunity to redesign and elevate your driveway. If your driveway has a traditional gray surface, the replacement is your time to change it up. Let your driveway surface be a canvas to imprint your creativity upon.

We have several decorative options to pick from to spice up your driveway. Our driveway replacement services in Thornton will provide a design versatility that delights you. If you’re seeking a color different from the standard gray, we have many colors that might tickle your fancy. Whether you want reddish hues or blue-green shades, speak to our team of professionals for a color that suits your style and décor.

Another area where you can deviate from the norm is the pattern. We have several options that vary in pattern and design to give your driveway a unique look and feel. Feel free to play around with the combination of colors and patterns to find the perfect appearance for you. Our stamped concrete patterns can be designed to look like brick or pavers as well.

Affordable Driveway Replacement Service

Our concrete driveway replacement service will ensure your driveway is aesthetically pleasing and highly durable, but another significant benefit to our offerings is their affordability. Our concrete replacement is one of the most economical solutions for your driveway. We’ll ensure the driveway surface is durable for years to come and stands the test of time, so you don’t have to spend on repairs or restoration.

Our high-quality craftsmanship eliminates the need for repairs, as another affordable aspect of our concrete replacement is their degree of low maintenance. Concrete is a recyclable material, ensuring minimal waste to the product used on your driveway and keeping your costs low.

CC Concrete LLC is proud to offer a streamlined service that minimizes labor hours, which means you spend the least amount possible to replace your concrete driveway. Contact us at (720) 296-1382 to learn more about our affordable concrete driveway replacement services in Thornton.

Contact Us for High-Quality Concrete Driveway Replacement

CC Concrete LLC aims to make commercial and residential concrete driveway replacements easy and hassle-free for businesses and homeowners in Thornton. To accomplish this, we go the extra mile to hand-select reputable technicians who are rigorously trained and certified to meet our high standards.

In addition to building a solid team of experienced personnel, we’re devoted to selecting the highest quality construction materials because we understand how important it is to use the right ingredients in the right quantities to perfect our product.

The result is a sturdy concrete construction that meets every building code and safety standard. Connect with us to discover why more local residents are replacing asphalt driveways with our long-lasting concrete.

Dial (720) 296-1382 to schedule a non-committal consultation appointment.

Concrete Driveway Removal and Replacement

We’ve refined our concrete driveway removal and replacement processes to provide you with the best solutions. When it comes to transforming your aging driveway system into a durable surface that exudes sophistication, there is no better concrete company for the job.

Our work is guaranteed to measure up to your high standards because we’ve taken care of all the finer details in advance, including using the best concrete products, hiring the most experienced concrete pourers, and ensuring all our prep work is complete before the concrete starts to pour.

In the case of removals and replacements, we’re equipped to break up and remove your old driveway materials and have a plan already in place to dispose of any unwanted demolition material safely and responsibly.

Allow us to set the stage for a long-lasting driveway that increases your home’s curb appeal. Get in touch with us today to explore high-value options at the region’s best prices.

Partial Driveway Replacements

If you’re considering a partial driveway replacement or extension, our technicians are the ideal choice to ensure your concrete installation is as seamless as possible. First, we’ll consult with you to learn more about your goals, driveway infrastructure, and any challenges the landscape may present.

Then, we’ll propose cost-effective solutions that see your dream driveway come to life. Find out more about how our professionals are always working diligently to save you time and money.

Driveway Expansion Solutions

Are you planning to enlarge your driveway to accommodate parking more vehicles? Perhaps you’re looking for an aesthetic uplift to set your home apart. Whatever your goals, leveraging our personalized driveway solutions is among the best ways to bring your vision to life.

Sit down with our team during an obligation-free initial consultation to learn more about the steps we’ll take to streamline your driveway enlargement project.

How We Calculate Driveway Replacement Costs

No two projects are ever the same, and different aspects must be considered to produce a comprehensive estimate and accurate quote. Therefore, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to consult with one of our accredited technicians and discuss what you have in mind.

Our initial consultations are offered with no strings attached. Call today to book yours.

Concrete Driveway Replacement Contractors

CC Concrete LLC are reputable concrete-driveway replacement contractors who’ve spent many years cultivating a spotless reputation in Thornton. Our commitment to quality, safety, and dependability are just some of the things that make our work stand apart from other concrete driveway companies.

We're the right choice when you want a driveway that looks exceptional and lasts a long time. Phone (720) 296-1382 now to get the ball rolling.